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Meet  The  Team

Veeka a founder of nerd herd
Crimson a founder of nerd herd
Strax a founder of nerd herd
Angil a founder of nerd herd

Minnie (Veeka) Ragan


Minnie (aka Veeka) Ragan is the accountant and one of the four founding members of Nerd Herd LLC. Veeka was born and raised in Nashville, TN where she earned both an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Veeka has a deep passion for numbers and all things nerdy/geeky/dorky. She is the proud mama of four kitties and two doggies alongside Crimson.

Will (Crimson) Gibson


William (Crimson) Gibson was born and raised in Franklin, TN. Crimson attended the University of Alabama where he earned his degree in Marine Biology and returned back to Tennessee where he earned his second degree for Drafting and Design at ITT tech. Crimson is a gamer and self proclaimed dork.

Jerry (Strax) Taylor III


Jerry (Strax) Taylor has been a customer service manager for over 14 years. Jerry has volunteered at several comic cons over the past 6 years. Born and raised in Louisiana, moved to Tennessee in 2019. Jerry has a passion and desire for all things nerdy.  Jerry has a loving wife, who is Angil and 2 kids.

Dorothy (Angil) Taylor


Dorothy (Angil) Taylor is one of the creative designs behind Nerd Herd LLC. Angil is a passionate anime fan, as well as playing video games. Angil is married to Strax and they have 2 kids.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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